Testing your SAML Identity Provider

To test whether your Identity Provider releases SFA/MFA you can use the SWITCHaai’s attribute test service

User instructions:

  1. Go to SWITCHaai’s attribute test service and select your home organization
  2. Log in using username and password (no SFA/MFA required at this stage)
  3. After authenticating successfully the attribute test service provides a button you can click to ask the SP request SFA, MFA or "MFA or SFA" authentication context from your IdP
  4. You may need to reauthenticate using your second factor 
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  1. I cannot see the button with which I can ask the SP to request SFA/MFA on the SWITCHaai’s attribute test service. Is there anything I have to do to enable it?

    1. You need to first log in normally to the test service (the SP does not request any authentication context from the IdP). Then in the page you will find the SFA/MFA buttons that will issue a new authentication request to the same IdP with a requested Authentication context in place.