This page attempt to summarise the recommendations that software packages make about MDUI.

Please note that this is not definitive and must not be assumed to be up to date. Its purpose is purely to provide easy cross referencing

Per Package Information


The Shibboleth IdP and EDS make use of the MDUI extensions. Their use is defined here for the IdP (recommendations for SPs) and here for the EDS (recommendations for IdPs).


DiscoJuice does not directly make use of SP metadata. One exception is that is the <idpdisc:DiscoveryResponse> element is used for access control for retrieving results from storage on remote DiscoJuice instances, as specified.

Per MDUI Element information - SP

Non Logo elements

ElementShibbolethAn Other
<mdui:DisplayName>Recommended required 
<mdui:Description>Recommended 100 chars max 
<mdui:Keywords>Not used 

<mdui:IPHint>, <mdui:DomainHint> and <mdui:GeolocationHint> are not relevant for SPs.

Logo elements

  • Shibboleth - must be specified using an HTTPS URL
  • Shibboleth - logo size should be between 64px by 350px wide and 64px by 146px high
  • Shibboleth - logos should have transparent backgrounds
  • Shibboleth - logos look better if they have a landscape rather than a portrait aspect ratio

Per MDUI Element information - IdP

Non Logo elements

ElementShibbolethDiscoJuiceAn Other
<mdui:DisplayName>Recommended, 33 chars maxStrongly reccomended 
<mdui:Description>FutureMay be used to clearify which institusion, without making the DisplayName too many chars 
<mdui:Keywords>UsedUsed for incremental search 
<mdui:InformationURL>No usedNot yet 
<mdui:PrivacyStatementURL>Not usedNot yet 
<mdui:IPHint>Not usedPlanned for future release 
<mdui:DomainHint>Not usedPlanned for future release 
<mdui:GeolocationHint>Not usedHeavily used. Strongly reccomended. 

Logo elements

  • Shibboleth - The URL specifying the logo must be https protected.
  • Shibboleth - One logo should be provided of size approximately 80px(width) by 60px (height). A larger logo may be provided but the aspect ratio should be maintained (logos are selected based on apsect ration).
  • Shibboleth - One logo should be provided of size 16px by 16px.
  • Shibboleth - Logo backgrounds should be transparent.
  • DiscoJuice - Logos SHOULD be as square as possible (1:1).
  • DiscoJuice - Logos SHOULD look nice when resized down to 50×50 px. This means, do not use to much details. Text much be large when the resolution is high.
  • DiscoJuice - Logos SHOULD be in PNG format with transparent background.
  • DiscoJuice - Logos SHOULD look good on white background.
  • DiscoJuice - Logos SHOULD NOT look bad on 20% grey.
  • DiscoJuice - Logos SHOULD fill approx 50% of the image with color. Heavy icons should be made lighter, and lighter logos made heavier. This is to have balance between logos when shown on a list.
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