this group is currently on hold pending discussions within the refeds group.

MARI - managing attribute release in interfederation use-cases

The MARI working group was set up following discussions at the REFEDS meeting on 18th May 2014. Attendees noted that an identified problem that has emerged as part of the interfederation effort is that RequestedAttribute not being populated effectively, meaning SPs cannot rely on consistent attribute release from different countries. Attribute bundles via entity categories are supposed to address this but until they are effectively managed we have to rely on Requested Attribute. Attendees felt that better solutions for this problem could be developed and proposed a working group to review the options available.


The Working Group is chaired by Ken Klingenstein.




MARI has been established as an ad-hoc specialist working group as part of Work Item 5 in the REFEDS 2014 Workplan. Currently no budget is assigned to this group but recommendations from the group may be taken forward as funded REFEDS work items in the future.


The REFEDS Coordinators will ensure the group has access to a mailing list, wiki and appropriate video / phone conferencing to support its activities.

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