Latest news November 3, 2023

Google introduces Storage Partitioning by default in Chrome 117/118

This is part of Googles effort to deprecate third party cookies completely by Q3 2024

Latest news Jun 5, 2023 – Jun 9, 2023

Safari Private browsing is becoming more aggressive about stopping navigational trackers in Safari 17 (See here for how to access Safari 17 beta). The announcement at WWDC23 suggests testing your sites in private mode, particularly "focus testing on login flows, cross-site navigation from your website, and use of browser APIs related to screen, audio, and graphics." Further, "To give people control over where they can be tracked, another new protection is removal of tracking parameters as part of browser navigation, and when copying a link. When a tracking parameter is detected, Safari strips the identifying components of the URL, while leaving nonidentifiable parts intact." (Text links to WWDC23 presentation)

Unknown at this time is whether SAML requests in redirect flows will be identified as a tracking parameters; the release notes describe blocking "known tracking query parameters" and "known trackers," which may not include SAML IdPs.

Safari 17 is likely to be released late September or October around the same time iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are released.

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