'''Notes from the VC Call, 1st October 2014'''

'''1.  Paper Update'''

* Paper as crafted in June is now up on Google docs.  Everyone in group to send David K google ID to access, paper will be set as open but read only.  Intended to be a benchmark document.  

* IPR set as a creative commons based on previous paper, contributors to be recognised as individuals given the variety of backgrounds inputting.  

'''2.  Next Steps'''

* Addressing the gaps in current paper (red comments) and overall scope.

* Piloting the work / use cases.  

* Working this across international collaborations.  

* Implementation: how can federations / DITI implement this high leve framework.  

'''3.  Agenda for Next Meeting'''

* Will need to bring everyone up-to-speed, introduction.

* Use case gathering.  Would be good to focus in on a narrow scope of possible incident response issues in the first place, e.g.: compromised accounts.  

* What needs to be in the paper / what doesn't. Objective to get rough consensus on this in the meeting.  

NH to draft out a programme to help promote the meeting with the understanding this can be heavily rewritten based on inputs throughout TX week.

'''4.  Attendance in Indianapolis'''


Expecting approximately 10-15 people at the meeting.  We should extend the invitation out to others as it would be useful to get as many people in the room, but may impact on document editing approach.  Need to ensure that topics get raised in the planning sessions.  


Will be possible to meet during advance camp as well / run sessions so we can discuss this further during the week.  


'''5.  Other Interest Groups?'''  


NH to contact people in the CERT world that also have good understanding of the federation space.  

Tom continuing to liaise with cyber security groups in the US and will bring in relevant people.

Ann proposed people involved in health areas.  (to bring in later)


Perhaps wait until after we have scoped this out a bit more before drawing in too many people.

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