REFEDS runs a series of monthly webinars to help keep the community informed about our work items and topics that are important to the community.  We also host an informal REFEDS Borrel every quarter (question) to allow people to catch up informally, talk about issues and problems they are facing and to generally shoot the breeze on all things identity.

Schedule for 2022

TypeDate and TimeTopicFurther Information
Webinar - Europe / US timezones27th January 2022 16:00 CETSpecifications and Tools for Federation Operators
Webinar - APAC timezones24th February 2022  TBDSpecifications and Tools for Federation Operators
Webinar - Europe / US timezones31st March 2022 16:00 CETREFEDS Survey 2022
Webinar - APAC timezones28th April 2022REFEDS Survey 2022
Webinar - Europe / US timezones26th May 2022 16:00 CETTBD
Webinar - APAC timezones30th June 2022TBD
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