This is an XML Schema for REFEDS-defined metadata extensions.

Any attributes defined within the REFEDS namespace should be added to this schema. 

An XSD for download is available here: refeds_metadata_extension_schema.xsd

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      Document title: Schema for REFEDS metadata extensions
      Document identifier: Metadata Extension Schema
      Location: ""
      Revision history:
      V1.0 (29 March 2016):
      Initial version with contactType attribute.
  <xs:attribute name="contactType" type="xs:anyURI"/>

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  1. Doesn't the <xs:attribute> element need a use XML attribute?

    <xs:attribute name="contactType" type="xs:anyURI" use="optional"/>


    1. Hi Tom, 

      Please could you explain a bit why you believe it is necessary? The baseline for this extension schema was done by Incommon and it's unclear why a "use" attribute should be needed here but not there. It would be good to have both schemas aligned (smile)


      1. Please could you explain a bit why you believe it is necessary?

        We discussed this on the InCommon Ops Advisory Group call this morning. It is not necessary. The use XML attribute defaults to use="optional" so adding it to the schema simply makes it explicit (and self-documenting).

        1. Thanks for checking. We won't add here either then. I've added an xsd for download.

  2. Can you please create an XML Schema document with an .xsd extension? Copy-and-pasting an XML document is error prone.