The REFEDS Schema Editorial Board is responsible for the various schema managed and maintained by the REFEDS community. The activities of the Board are governed by the Schema Board Terms of Reference.


Direct participation in the Schema Board is also governed by the Schema Board Terms of Reference, however individuals may participate in the schema work in a number of ways:

  • Join the schema-discuss mailing list, as described on the Schemas home page. This is a public list for general discussion of schema issues within the REFEDS community.
  • Join a Schema Board Subcommittee. Subcommittees are generally open to non-Board member participation.
  • For schemas with appropriate infrastructure in place, submit issues or pull requests. Please note such contributions are subject to the Participant’s Agreement and Board review.
  • For issues of a sensitive nature, you may contact the Chair or Secretary directly.

Current Members

  • David Bantz (U. Alaska) (2019-2024)
  • Alan Buxey (UNiDAYS) (2019-2025)
  • Keith Hazelton (Internet2) (2019-2025)
  • Christos Kanellopoulos (GÉANT) (2020-2024)
  • Benn Oshrin (SCG) (2019-2025, Chair)
  • Mark Rank (Cirrus Identity (2022-2024)
  • Mario Reale (GARR-GEANT) (2019-2025)
  • Terry Smith (AAF) (2019-2025)
  • Heather Flanagan (ex officio, Secretary)

Past Members

  • Scott Koranda (LIGO/SCG) (2019-2020)
  • Catarina Ribeiro (University of Porto) (2019-2020)
  • Miro Milinovic (SRCE) (2019-2022)

Active Work Items

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