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eduPerson is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) schema designed to include widely-used person and organizational attributes in higher education. The eduPerson object class provides a common list of attributes and definitions, drawing on the existing standards in higher education. Related object classes include:

  • eduOrg

  • eduMember (The work of eduMember has concluded its activities for the present, and all work has migrated to the Grouper project.)

  • eduCourse (The eduCourseCourseID group has completed its work and is dormant at present. You may still find archival information and support in the wiki for MACE-Dir.)

Development of eduPerson was originally created and supported with funding from Internet2, and was formally transitioned to REFEDS for management on 15 October 2018.

eduPerson Release History

eduPerson LDIF files

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  1. Is there not a way to have the LDIF files link to an actual Git repository (Atlassian BitBucket?), where one could inspect the files in browser, or could leverage git against the repo itself?