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Comment: Updated the description for the SPOG - linked pending mailing list


This group, modeled off of FOG, will provide a forum for Service Providers to discuss facilitate open discussions about operational issues of running services for Research and Education Identity Federations such as deployment issues,   identify gaps in existing guidance, and other SP specific concerns.

The list operates with the following agreement (consisting of the Chatham House Rule amended with the possibility to ask for permission):

Participants of this list are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the source(s), nor that any other participant, may be revealed. If this cannot be ensured, redistribution of any information received requires prior express permission from the source(s).


The following terms apply to all REFEDS Working Groups:


In addition, members of SPOG must be registered as an SP a current Service Provider in at least one federation. People can request access to the mailing list. To be accepted for membership, the individual should demonstrate that they are a representative of an active SP that is listed in the Metadata Explorer Tool or similar.


Laura Paglione , SCG

Work Items

Centralizing some of the guidelines


Through the course of mailing list discussions, general trends, issues, and topics may be identified as being beneficial to share with a broader audience or to memorialize as documentation or formal recommendations.

As these items arise, members of the group may propose work items that may include written deliverables or calls for further discussion. Participation, or lack thereof, in these work items will not affect an individual’s membership in the SPOG.


No calls are expected ; group will participate on unless work items as described above are identified. The group generally will engage via the mailing list.


List any internal / external resources that are useful for the group here, for example, 

  • Centralizing some of the guidelines for Service Providers
  • Packaging the material for a Service Providerconsumer