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  • 2023 Work Plan Preparation

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Title<title of your proposal here>
Description<description text here>
Proposer<your name here>
Resource requirements<money? effort? coordination? unicorns?>
+1's<for others to voice their support - add your name here>


TitleREFEDS Webinars + The REFEDS Bar

Set up a monthly / bimonthly set of webinars for REFEDS to help communicate work on core topics (possibly 6 topics, 12 webinars, 2 different timezones per webinar?).  This will help address the communication elements identified in the strategy.  Support with a blogpost.

Support with more social / chat sessions in the evenings for people to talk about their issues.

Survey, CoCo, Entity Categories, Microsoft, REFEDS resources, maturity / baseline

Last Thursday of every month.  27th Jan 2022 - 16:00 CET

24th February - APAN time. 

31st March etc etc. 

ProposerNicole Harris
Resource requirementscoordinator effort plus volunteers for content. 
+1'sAlex Stuart (UKf)

Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)

TitleBest Practices for Integrating with Microsoft Azure
DescriptionMany federation operators have reported challenges with integrating with Microsoft Azure platforms. This group would establish a community of individuals specifically interested in supporting each other with these integrations and would document best practices as they are developed.

ETA: start with organizing a community of interest, possibly target this as part of the webinar series

ProposerHeather Flanagan
Resource requirementsvolunteers
+1'sMatthew Slowe (UKf)

TitleAttribute Release Entity Categories
DescriptionHarmonize the text of the Anonymous Authorization, Pseudonymous Authorization, and Personalized Access entity categories (continuing work started in 2021)
ProposerHeather Flanagan
Resource requirementscoordinator effort plus volunteers for content. 
+1'sPål Axelsson (SWAMID)

Alex Stuart (UKf)

TitlePreparing for New Protocols
DescriptionA working group to look at existing specifications to determine if and how they can be changed to become more protocol agnostic. The goal is to allow enough flexibility to support SAML, OIDC, DIDs, and future undeveloped protocols.
ProposerAlbert Wu
Resource requirementscoordinator effort plus volunteer engagement

Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)

Alex Stuart (UKf)

Matthew Slowe (UKf)