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  1. Open Actions
  2. Administrivia
    1. Reminder: Schema Board nominations open 1 March 2021. Board members at the end of their term: Alan, Keith, Benn, Mario, Terry. Heather was waiting to hear from Mario as to whether he'll re-nominate; will go ahead and assume not and post the nomination request out to schema-discuss
  3. evaluating SCHAC schema usage
    1. Results to date: survey
    2. None of the attributes are completely unused anywhere. Should we discuss further? What does this mean for the SCHAC schema? Can we further promote SCHAC by highlighting the ones in common use and asking why and how it might be used more? Need to put on our roadmap that we should build out the common attribute dictionary for SCHAC in the same way we're doing for eduPerson. The Schema Board should have a short description that makes clear the state of this schema: under development? no longer maintained?
      •  Heather Flanagan  to add a SCHAC update to the Schema Board work plan
      •  Terry Smith  to follow up with TF-IAM to encourage newer federations to respond as well, including an option to just say they don't use it and/or don't know about it
      •  Heather Flanagan  to pull together a final report from the SCHAC survey, after another reminder to people to fill out the survey
  4. Status of splitting the eduPerson spec into core and supplemental
    1. Splitting Protocols From Schema Documents
    2. Mapping exercise is finished from eduPerson to the attribute dictionary. Next steps are to make the current draft for comment and review public for discussion. After that, will start redrafting the eduPerson schema itself aligned with the dictionary. Remember that eduPerson will not change for deployers, it just normalizes the documents themselves and the protocol-specific information will be split.
    3. See for more information on the pattern and terminology being used in how the spec is being divided. Suggest holding a webinar when we have the structure and the attribute dictionary firmed up. 
      1. Heather will reach out to Nicole, Licia, and Marina about scheduling a Schema BoF the week before TNC21 (done during the call)
  5. eduPerson Analytics Code consultation - scheduling a webinar
    1. Heather will ask Alan to help put together a webinar to go through feedback to date for the consultation (done during the call)