Discussion items

  • getting comfy, checking Mics etc
50minaction reviewall
  • discuss introduction paragraph re-working

Action items

  • introduction text not yet rewritten - this is going to be actioned
  • Tom - can we write up a process document, things that need to be done. process cannot be directly given.  (Alan - are there any particular parts of process that can be adopted from previous work in InCommon?  surely some actions are reproducible)
  • Tom - create a doc to be signed up to to say 'were going to do this
  • Alan - MOU?
  • Tom - yes.  get federations to sign up, phase1, phase 2 etc
  • Alan - phase 1? is this all the current BE or just some parts?
  • Tom - just some parts
  • Alan - any particular parts? biggest itches to scratch?
  • Tom - errorURL, we missed that one. also contact details in metadata
  • Pal - is REFEDS the right place for this? 
  • Meshna - why do you ask, have another body in mind?
  • Pal - REFEDS cannot command...eduGAIN has leverage

who would sign the MOU and how will they see/receive the document?  

  • Christopher - NIH requirements for MFA etc 
  • Alan - okay, so we have several docs...process, REFEDS mapping, eduGAIN profile missing parts, MOU. 
  • Pal - at TechEXTRA one of the worlds biggest funders came along asking for things , 
  • Christopher - MFA requirement