Space for the ORCID working group.  To participate in the group please sign up to the mailing list.


Proposer: Laura Paglione.


The following terms apply to all REFEDS Working Groups:

  1. When a working group is agreed, REFEDS Participants will be asked if they wish to participate. Working Groups tend to be small, so consensus can be achieved quickly between participants.
  2. A chair for the group is chosen from the REFEDS Participants.
  3. TERENA provides facilities for the working group, including meeting support, wiki space, mailing lists and, where appropriate, funding.
  4. An appropriate output from the group is produced. Currently, this is typically a draft white paper or a wiki page.
  5. When the Working Group is in agreement, the chair shares the outputs with the wider REFEDS community with an open period for discussion and comment. This is typically a period of 4 weeks, but may be longer if appropriate.
  6. After this period of time, the REFEDS Steering Committee signs off on the work item. Work is either written up as a formal white paper, left on the wiki but promoted as finished work or occasionally submitted as an Internet Draft.

Work Items

The Group published a paper of recommendations in April 2017. This paper was presented during TNC17. The paper covers the initial remit of the group:

  1. ORCID as an IdP.  Work together on a short paper about the pros and cons of ORCID as an IdP. (Discussion Page)
  2. Promoting use of federated access for ORCID as an SP.
  3. Working with MACE to promote the use of eduPersonORCID.
  4. Exploring ways of authoritatively binding one's IdP identity with one's ORCID iD.
  5. Pushing a researcher's ORCID ID securely from ORCID.org to his/her Home Organisation where it can be used in IdM, IdP, CRIS, HR,... (pptx)
  6. ORCID and strong self-service identity vetting (by a researcher coupling his/her ORCID ID to his/her manuscript during the submission process)

April 2017 Working Group Paper

Upcoming work items

The following will be the focus of the working group for the next several months:

  • Ensuring the implementation of the working group recommendations
  • Development of a set of reference uses for ORCID to aid adoption
  • Explore ORCID as an attribute store
  • Explore use of ORCID in strong, self-service identity vetting



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