Tuesday, 30 August 2016 at 14-15 (UTC), 16-17 (CEST), 9-10 (CDT)

Jim B
Kevin M
Tom B
Hannah S
Paul C
Wolfgang P
Mikael L


  • discussed the LoA wireframe and start further developing it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15v65wJvRwTSQKViep_gGuEvxLl3UJbaOX5o9eLtsyBI/edit#
  • relation to BIRCH
    • mapping to BIRCH or Kantara ALs would be helpful approach whem possible.
    • do the mapping exercise in the end
  • ePPN reassignment   
    • clarify: ePPN can change over time, but ePPN cannot be re-assigned to another person   
    • another tag to indicate that ePPN is reassigned but has a fallow period of 1 year (BIRCH has 400 days)
  • binding between the subject and their credential?   
    • credential delivery (initial, renewal; password reset)   
    • credential revocation   
    • how to be specific enough without opening loopholes?   
    • Does it need its own section/dimension or can it be part of the identity concept or authentication section?
  • what is going to be the role of federation operator?   
    • what is federation operator's role in self-asserted assurance levels?
  • next vc: doodle poll
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