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Background and liaison with AARC project

The goal of this working group is to work together with AARC project to

  • deepen the Minimal assurance level recommendation to a profile that is specific enough that it can be self-assessed by home organisations
  • develop the differentiated LoA recommendations taking into account the constraints of the federations and home organisations
  • deliver orthogonal profiles that can be additive, eg, identity proofing separate from credential technology.

To participate in the group please sign up to the mailing list.


Jule Ziegler

Mikael Linden (retired as WG chair)

Regular WG Calls

Regular biweekly Assurance WG Calls have been picked up again. They start as of April 09, 2020 at 16 CEST. Calls which have been scheduled so far take place at:

9.Apr.2020 04:00 PM, 23.Apr.2020 04:00 PM, 7.Mai.2020 04:00 PM, 21.Mai.2020 04:00 PM, 4.Jun.2020 04:00 PM, 18.Jun.2020 04:00 PM, 2.Jul.2020 04:00 PM,16.Jul.2020 04:00 PM, 30.Jul.2020 04:00 PM, 13.Aug.2020 04:00 PM, 27.Aug.2020 04:00 PM, 10.Sep.2020 04:00 PM, 24.Sep.2020 04:00 PM, 8.Okt.2020 04:00 PM, 22.Okt.2020 04:00 PM


The following terms apply to all REFEDS Working Groups:

  1. When a working group is agreed, REFEDS Participants will be asked if they wish to participate. Working Groups tend to be small, so consensus can be achieved quickly between participants.
  2. A chair for the group is chosen from the REFEDS Participants.
  3. GEANT association provides facilities for the working group, including meeting support, wiki space, mailing lists and, where appropriate, funding.
  4. An appropriate output from the group is produced. Currently, this is typically a draft white paper or a wiki page.
  5. When the Working Group is in agreement, the chair shares the outputs with the wider REFEDS community with an open period for discussion and comment. This is typically a period of 4 weeks, but may be longer if appropriate.
  6. After this period of time, the REFEDS Steering Committee signs off on the work item. Work is either written up as a formal white paper, left on the wiki but promoted as finished work or occasionally submitted as an Internet Draft.

Work Items

Ideas for work items for the group:


Public consultations

Working documents


Working group calls

Current meeting notes (since 2020) are captured here:

Pilot calls


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