, 15:30 CEST, via VC. 

Dial-in Details:



  • To review the change proposals submitted via the Research and Scholarship Consultation and agree to accept or reject proposals.
  • To agree if consensus was reached and if response to the consultation was appropriate. 

Discussion items

Welcomes, can you hear me now?NicoleNicole gave a brief introduction and explained the process for considering each of the change requests on the wiki. 
30 - 40 minsReview of change requestsNicole

The change requests were reviewed and updated on the consultation page.  Entity Category Consultation: Research and Scholarship 2.

Actions from the change requests are shown below. 

5 minsConsensus?Nicole

Attendees on the call were happy that consensus had been reached on implementing a clarification and publishing R&S v1.3 subject to the minor clarifications discussed on the call.

Nicole explained that the next step was to take the new proposal to the REFEDS Steering Committee for approval. 

Action items

  • Change text in section 7 to: "...release all required attributes in the bundle defined in Section 5 to all R&S Service Providers, either automatically or subject to user consent or notification, without administrative involvement by any party."
  • Change text in section 1 to: "Identity Providers may indicate support for Service Providers in this category (self-assertion is the typical approach used by this is not the only acceptable method)"
  • Change text in section 4.1 to: "The service enhances the research and scholarship activities of some subset of the user community."
  • Change text in section 4.3.3 to: "4.3.3 The Service Provider provides an mdui:DisplayName and mdui:InformationURL in metadata (an english language version xml:lang="en" is strongly recommended)."
  • Update the FAQ to include the following: clarity on use of both EPPN and EPTID, comments on multi-valued attributes, information that clarifies that there may be barriers (consent, absence of information in IDM systems) that means all attributes will not be delivered.
  • Add wording clarification "In possessing the Entity Category Attribute with the above value, a Service Provider claims that it will not use attributes for purposes that fall outside of the service definition, *as presented at the time of registration to its users and referred to in metadata.*"