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Non-wiki links go to the google drive folder shared with members of the working group. As such, the documents are not generally available. Some working group documents are exported and shared here.


  1. Understanding scenario planning
  2. Developing the focal question
  3. Planing and executing the survey and interviews
  4. Reflections on the survey and interviews (protected google doc, archived document attached)
  5. TNC19 Workshop
  6. Scenarios
  7. From Scenario to Strategy (attached PDF)
  8. Reflections on Scenarios
  9. Stone Soup

Other documents:

exported 2019-12-02


18 Feb 2018   
    Added to REFEDs proposed workplan from TIIME 2018

10 April - 30 May 2018
    REFEDS blog series 

28 June 2018
    Added to REFEDS 2018 workplan

October 2018

February 2019: TIIME 2019, Wien, Austria; "What will federations look like in 15 years?"

Tom B reported:

I did a TIIME session to get Federation 2.0 input. Packed room, lively discussion kicked off by asking for lessons learned, things that should happen, or future scenarios on a 5-10 year horizon. A few highlights:

  • Will Webauthn (the W3C standard for browsers to support PKI based authentication) kill federation?
  • Balance of privacy vs adopt-ability. Related issue of (lack of) attribute release and all of the familiar issues around that.
    • Need for new strategies to produce actual attribute release. Lack of success here could kill federation since only that attributes add value over other means.
  • More domains will need to be served by federation, implying reducing reliance on some of the assumptions inherent in the R&E community that are built upon to produce trust.
    • Increasing importance of independent review, though perhaps not external audit, to establish trust.
  • Identity-linking at SPs
  • Better change management for IdPs
  • More communities, their attribute sources, their authority need to be incorporated into “federation operations”, ie, some of what national federations currently do will need to be delegated more widely.
  • If Webauthn doesn’t kill federation, could be that one or two “uber IdPs” will emerge that everyone uses, and that will do it.

June 2019: TNC19, Tallinn, Estonia; REFEDS update

TechEx 2019, REFEDS update

TechEx 2019, “The Future of Federation,” scheduled for Tuesday, December 10 from 11:10-12:10 pm.

  2. Notes on presentation


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