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  1. Open Actions
  2. Administrivia
  3. Membership
    1. Seats up in 2022: David Bantz, Christos Kanellopoulos, Miro Milinovic
    2. Seven seats required by Schema Board Terms of Reference, nine permitted (not including ex-officio)
    3. Heather to come up with a schedule for nominations
  4. schacGender
    1. Deprecate or expand? Open a consultation?
    2. Previous discussion on schacGender in Schema Editorial Board Notes, 15 February 2021 and on SCHAC schema usage in Schema Editorial Board Notes, 10 March 2021
  5. New proposed subcommittee: Pronouns subcommittee
    1. Requires board approval
  6. Subcommittee status
    1. voPerson
  7. Status of splitting the eduPerson spec into core and supplemental
    1. Splitting Protocols From Schema Documents
      1. [KH] EduPerson attributes now included in the draft Attribute Dictionary (https://github.internet2.edu/api-schema/attribute-dictionary/blob/draft/attribute-dictionary.adoc )
  8. AOB


  1. Open Actions
  2. Administrivia
    1. AI: Heather to determine if we need a December meeting
  3. Membership
    1. AI: Heather to send out call for nominations
  4. schacGender
    1. Deprecate?
    2. Expand? This would require unlinking from the ISO definition, then maintaining existing values for backwards compatibility
      1. Is there another standard to relink to?
      2. Attribute is single-value which might or might not be a problem
    3. Create an entirely new attribute?
    4. Back in February, the board agreed to deprecate the attribute following community consultation (presumably to schema-discuss)
    5. If use cases are presented for a gender-like attribute, we can reopen the topic at that point
    6. AI: Heather to open community consultation for deprecation
  5. Pronouns
    1. The board approves the creation of the Pronouns Subcommittee, David will participate (as may other board members)
      1. If we can get the timezones right, Alan will try to join
    2. AI: Heather to announce to appropriate venues and set up initial meeting
  6. Status of splitting the eduPerson spec
    1. Benn and Keith to continue working on this, may need a working session
  7. AOB