1. Agenda bash
  2. Review of Action Items
    1. 6338bis has been submitted to the IETF - Waiting to hear back from the Security Area Directors on adoption.
  3. Updating the Community
    1. Heather sent a general update about REFEDS activities which includes a report on the Schema Editorial Board; suggest she create one with more detail for the schema-discuss list
  4. Sub-committee Status
    1. eduPersonAffiliation - meetings are happening bi-weekly. Currently working against a table of different use cases to see where we see the need for new affiliations, or where we need to focus on awareness of entitlements. So far, have rough consensus on adding researcher and sponsored (will rename) to the list of affiliations. For the entitlements, we're seeing a combination of a need for general/common definitions, and local definitions that work as a bilateral arrangement between an IdP and SP.
    2. voPerson - subcommittee met a few weeks ago to go through some of the open issues for 2.0. See notes in the individual issues for details. No ETA for completion.
  5. Status: proposed entity categories (Consultation Page)
    1. Authentication Only
    2. Anonymous Authorization
    3. Pseudonymous Authorization
    4. To what extent should the schema board add to the public comments? Should definitely go ahead and respond during the consultation, so comments are kept public. The schema board will need to meet in early September to discuss results of the consultation.
  6. AOB
    1. ldap public key schema - proposal for adoption spurred by the voPerson work (see issue 38). The original author of this schema has engaged on the issue itself with support for changes. This isn't actually standardized in any RFC, though it is used by the research community. The OID was originally registered by Inverse Path (now acquired by F-Secure). It is no longer maintained. One possibility for the schema board would be to adopt the schema outright, keeping it as is with an open question fo what to do with the OID space. F-Secure is willing to re-assign the OID space, but we need to know if that's a technical possibility and whether REFEDS could take over ownership of that.
      • Benjamin Oshrin to write up a proposal to schema-discuss letting people know what's being considered re: adoption of ldap public key schema and ask for input
    2. renewed energy in the course schema. The software integration working group will be following up on this and may offer a proposal. Keith will share this to the schema-discuss list when more information is available.
    3. Schema board will skip August and meet again in early September; Heather will send out a doodle poll