These are the final top level areas for the 2015 workplan. 

REF15-1: REFEDS Coordination and Management

Lead: Licia Florio / Nicole Harris


  • To progress REFEDS position as an important player within the access and identity management space internationally.  
  • To build on established relationships with GÉANT project, ISOC and Kantara. 
REF15-1AREFEDS BOFS at appropriate meetings throughout the year.

First BoF held at APAN. 

Second BoF to be held as Townhall meeting with EWTI in Vienna.

Nicole Harris / Licia Florio01/201512/2015IN PROGRESS

Replace website.

New framework proposed to SC, ready for implementation work.

Nicole Harris / Licia Florio03/201506/2015COMPLETE
REF15-1CMaintain and develop the REFEDS blog.


Nicole Harris / Licia Florio02/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
REF15-1DREFEDS annual meetings.TNC15 (REFEDS birthday) and I2 TechX.Nicole Harris / Licia Florio02/201512/2015COMPLETE
REF15-1EImplement 2015 REFEDS Survey.Survey distributed - collating responses.Nicole Harris / Licia Florio02/210503/2015COMPLETE
REF15-1FManage REFEDS contracts with third parties.

1 x contract with Ian Young. (done)
2 x contract with Heather Flanagan. (done)
1 x contract with Emergya.

Nicole Harris / Licia Florio01/201503/2015COMPLETE
REF15-1GManage REFEDS Sponsorships.Current sponsor list.Nicole Harris / Licia FlorioAs appropriateAs appropriateONGOING

REF15-2: Federation Operator Best Practice

Lead: Nicole Harris


  • To complete work on metadata registration, publication and federation key management documentation and to feed in for dissemination and use within the GÉANT project (GN4) harmonisation task.  
  • To maintain and monitor use of existing entity categories.
  • To shepherd proposals for 2-3 new entity categories (library / affiliation and academic) through to conclusion.
  • To carry out a lightweight review of contacts in metadata. 
  • To liaise and work with projects focusing on assurance profiles
REF15-2ADocumentation for federation operator practice statements.MRPS work underway - needs summary and pushing back out. Nicole Harris01/201512/2015IN PROGRESS

Report on uptake of R&S and Hide from Discovery Entity Categories.

Figures now being collated. Nicole Harris10/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
REF15-2CDevelop supporting material for Entity Categories focused on risk assessment.

Initial guidelines on release implemented on wiki.  Looking at a small leaflet to support promotional work.

Nicole Harris04/201506/2015COMPLETE
REF15-2DConsultations for new Entity Categories. Academia consultation completed.  Affiliation to be discussed. Nicole Harris04/201509/2015COMPLETE
REF15-2EComplete survey / review on how contacts in metadata are being used / implemented.Work now included in SIRTFI work planning.Nicole Harris07/210508/2015COMPLETE

REF15-3: Virtual Organisations and Groups

Lead: Licia Florio


  • To provide supporting material for organisations carrying out a needs assessment for VO / group management usage. 
  • To support the standardisation of namespace usage by VOs / attribute authorities. 
REF15-3AUpdate of VO / group management needs assessment documents.Available on the REFEDS wiki.Heather Flanagan04/201512/2015COMPLETE

VO / Groups Problem Statement Document

Overview presented at Cleveland meeting, paper to be prepared.

Heather Flanagan04/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
REF15-3CValue Proposition of federations for VOs document.

Draft available on REFEDS wiki. Seeking further commentary.

Heather Flanagan04/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
REF15-3D3 x conference call to discuss namespace requirements.Work postponed until 2016.Licia Florio04/201512/2015POSTPONED
REF15-3EDraft proposal on standardising namespace for groups. Work postponed until 2016.Licia Florio04/210512/2015POSTPONED

REF15-4: REFEDS Services and Monitoring.

Lead: Licia Florio


  • To provide support for existing REFEDS pilots as well as for the new ones
  • To define a lightweight process for federation operators to work together on incident response management
REF15-4AREEP Operations.New contract with Emergya delivered, LF working to evaluate deliverables to date and make proposals moving forward.Licia Florio01/201512/2015IN PROGRESS

Operational version of MET.

GARR working on final service version, inc updates to MET code and hosting.  Need ot put small SLA in place with GARR for availability.

Nicole Harris02/201506/2015COMPLETE
REF15-4CLiaison work with Fed Lab.

Cross GN4-AARC-REFEDS-KANTARA Work area kicked off. 

Funding proposal to REFEDS received. 

Nicole Harris04/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
REF15-4DIncident Response Framework.

Initial charter and workplan for SIRTFI circulated with stakeholders. 

Consultation out

Licia Florio / Nicole Harris04/201512/2015IN PROGRESS

REF15-5: Standards and Harmonisation

Lead: Nicole Harris


  • To provide support for the development of standards and specifications under the REFEDS banner.
  • To pilot specification work to support implementation requirements.
  • To put in place structures to ensure specification and schema sustainability. 

Federation at scale: work to pilot the Metadata Query Protocol within multiple federations and report on readiness to manage more complex metadata management.

New contract in place with Ian.Ian Young02/201512/2015IN PROGRESS

Federation at scale: review of further work needed to support large-scale metadata management, including discovery.

To do.

Nicole Harris02/201506/2015POSTPONED

SAML Entity Categories: finalising RFC for core documentation.

New contract in place with Ian.  New version of the document ready to be released before end 2015.

Ian Young04/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
REF15-5DSCHAC development and sustainability.All work on updating SCHAC documentation now complete.  Not enough work to consider adding a further contract in place.Heather Flanagan01/201506/2015COMPLETE

REF14-6: Specialist Working Groups

Lead: According to WG Chair


  • To provide infrastructure and support for evolving ideas and areas in the REFEDS community. 

FOG: Federation Operators Group

Ongoing operation as usual.Peter Schober01/201512/2015IN PROGRESS

MARI: Manging Attribute Release in Interfederation use cases

On hold pending further discussions.  Recommendation not to continue with this group.

Ken Klingenstein01/201512/2015CANCELLED

OIDC(re): OpenID Connect for Research and Education

Not started yet.  Roland H working on workplans. 

Roland Hedberg04/201512/2015MOVE TO 2016
REF15-6DSIRTFIWork developing well, continuing to support.Nicole Harris04/201512/2015IN PROGRESS
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