These are the proposed top level areas for the 2021 workplan, drawn from proposals crowdsourced in early 2021. 

REF21-1: REFEDS Coordination and Management

Lead: Nicole Harris


  • To progress REFEDS position as an important player within the access and identity management space internationally.  
  • To build on established relationships with GÉANT project and other federation-related activities around the world. 
REF21-1AREFEDS BOFS at appropriate meetings throughout the year (maximum of 2).Suggestions for where to target BOFs in 2021 welcomed.  Proposal for an "unconference" style REFEDS meeting has been circulated to the community for discussion.Nicole Harris 01/21 12/21
REF21-1BMaintain and develop the REFEDS blog, wiki and website.

As normal.

Nicole Harris 01/21 12/21

REF21-1CREFEDS annual meetings.TNC and Internet2 Technology Exchange Meeting (if held)Nicole Harris 01/21 10/21

These meetings will be held virtually, be close to the indicated meetings. They won't be directly in the same week to avoid online fatigue.

REF21-1DImplement 2021 REFEDS Survey and present results of 2020 survey.Annual REFEDS Survey to go out in November 2021.Nicole Harris 09/21 12/21
REF21-1EManage REFEDS contracts with third parties.These are contracts with external parties that support REFEDS such as Spherical Cow Consulting and RETI.Nicole Harris 01/21 07/21

REF21-1FManage REFEDS Sponsorships.Current sponsor list.Nicole Harris 12/18 01/21

REF21-1GREFEDS Distinguished Engineer Programme. On holdHeather Flanagan

This is on hold as we only plan to have virtual meetings in 2021.

REF21-2: Specialist Working Groups

Lead: Heather Flanagan


  • To provide infrastructure and support for evolving ideas and areas in the REFEDS community. 

FOG: Federation Operators Group

Peter Schober with support from Nicole Harris01/2112/21This is an ongoing discussion group and as such has no goals.
REF21-2BSIRTFITom Barton01/2112/21

REF21-2CAssuranceJule Ziegler01/2112/21

The goal as of 2021 of this working group is to:

  • revisit and modernize the specifications (formal review).
  • ensure test facilities are in place to enable adoption.
REF21-2DEntity Category SupportHeather Flanagan01/2112/21

The goal for 2021 will be to produce a v2 of the REFEDS R&S specification.


Federation Trust 2.0

Tom Barton and Judith Bush01/2112/21

REF21-2FSPOG: SP Operators GroupLaura Paglione01/2112/21This is an ongoing discussion group and as such has no goals.
REF21-2GFederation Baseline Expectations Working GroupPål Axelsson and Alan Buxey01/2112/21
REF21-2HREFEDS OIDCreTBD03/2112/21Restarting the OIDCre working group to serve as a requirements gathering point for information to submit to the OIDF OIDCre working group

REF21-3: Promotion and Communication

Lead: Nicole Harris


  • To provide materials and support mechanisms to help federations promote effective approaches to IdPs and SPs.
  • To provide feedback on documents produced by other groups to support clarity of messages.
  • To reach out to target groups where specific messaging could be beneficial.

Liaison with identified stakeholder groups and establish consistent working relationships

Further work to be defined following REFEDS Strategy meeting

REF21-4: Standards and Specifications

Lead: Heather Flanagan


  • To provide support for the development of standards and specifications under the REFEDS banner.
  • To pilot specification work to support implementation requirements.
  • To put in place structures to ensure specification and schema sustainability.

Schema management

Schema Editorial Board with support from Heather Flanagan01/2112/21

Work items to include

  • eduPerson Reporting Code proposal to be prepared.
  • Discussions on SCHAC Gender updates.
  • Splitting the protocol-specific elements out of the schema
  • formally vote to include voPerson in schema supported by the SEB

REF21-5: REFEDS Services

Lead: Nicole Harris


  • To continue using MET and enhance where possible.
  • To support the basic REFEDS infrastructure needs (website, wiki, and mailing lists). 

MET: revision of the MET service to bring back to consistent working enivronment

Contractor 01/21 12/21Call for proposals issued: Deadline for proposals: 26th February.

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